Join us online or in person this Sunday at 11am.

Guidelines for in person worship

Sunday gatherings are a high point of the week for Christian people. We get together as God’s people to hear God speak to us through his word, the Bible, to respond in praise and prayer, and to help each other to keep living for Jesus.

When and Where

Normally we have one Sunday morning meeting at 10.30am. Refreshments are served after the meeting.

We meet at our church building on Irish Street, Whitehaven, CA28 7BY.

However, due to coronavirus restrictions, we now meet online and in person at 11am on Sundays.

As a group we unashamedly confess that our lives have been changed by the good news of Jesus Christ. In expressing our heartfelt gratitude and love for our Saviour, we can’t overstate the importance of our Sundays together. It provides the context where we worship God together and hear the word of God proclaimed and taught as we grow in our mission as a church.

What to expect

First, you can expect a very warm welcome. We hope that whoever you are and wherever you come from, you will feel part of the family from your very first visit.

Second, we come together to worship and glorify God. So you can expect to join us as we lift our voices through song and prayer as we engage with God.

Third, we meet to be refreshed by God’s presence, encouraged by his promises, and transformed by his truth. So you can expect to encounter God with us in worship and in the faithful preaching of God’s word.

Finally, we come together to encourage one another. So you can expect to see people caring for each other through prayer, words of encouragement, sharing Scripture and other ways.

Meet with us this Sunday at 11am, online or in-person.