We very much believe that everyone has a part to play in the life of our church. There are always opportunities for people to get involved and join in whatever we are doing.

Having said that, we also recognise that God calls and equips some to lead us in our joint adventure. The elders, all drawn from different backgrounds, give New Life Church a base for stability and vision on which everyone in the church can build together.


Gary Brown is our current pastor and heads up the elders. He has served New Life Church since 1997. He is married to Fiona and they have three adult children: Michael, Matthew and Hayley. Gary and Fiona both grew up in the Whitehaven area and have a deep desire to see West Cumbria won for Jesus.

Gary holds a BD (hons) in Theology from the University of London, a PGDip in Applied Theology from Bangor University, and an MA from Lancaster University. Fiona works at a local secondary school and also leads the music ministry in the church.

You can contact Gary at

Barry Beecham

David Nice


Most of all we are committed to seeing everyone who is part of New Life Church enjoying their Christian life and fulfilling their own God-given ministry.

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